Onsen confidential 2020
VENNUE : HOTEL NEW AKAO http://www.i-akao.com/newakao/
Date ; Thur. March 26th Onsen trip Fri. March 27th Return to Tokyo What is Ryokan? A ryokan is a traditional style Japanese hotel; generally rooms consist of futons on tatamimat floors; parties sleep together in one room on the floor. In a ryokan it is typical for many people to stay in one room; for instance, if the gallery owner and director or a visiting artist are traveling together, it would make sense for everyone to stay in the same room “familystyle”. This will keep costs down and is in the spirit of this type of accommodation. The ryokan will provide a YUKATA for visiting guests; this is a robe which should be worn throughout the hotel from arrival until your departure. What is Enkai? An Enkai is a gathering of friends and colleagues generally enjoyed with an overabundance of food and drink. Enkai’s often include karaoke.